Dorothy Y, Mobile, AL

Dear Doctor,

I promised you an update and this is to let you know that the swelling around my breasts has decreased since I have been home and the skin where the stitches were is almost completely healed. I look and feel great with my new breast implants. Thank you so much. My family says that the size is exactly right and the shape is perfect just the right contour. I feel so confident now and I am so proud of the way I look, I can't begin to thank you enough for the perfect job you did on me. Your skill and knowledge was very impressive and even tho I thought something larger might be more attractive, your perception and wisdom came to the rescue to make them "not so large" and the result is perfect. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. You were exceptionally kind to me and made me very comfortable the whole time I was there. Thank you for everything.

Marc L, Louisville, KY

Dear Dr. Medina,

Do you remember me? I was the one from the "horse" country, remember? It's been a few months since you did my face lift, and I want you to know that everything turned out wonderful. The younger look is amazing, and the skill you used to perfectly "balance" my features is also amazing. The swelling and bruising are long gone and I feel great when I look in the mirror. I am also writing because I would like to come back in a month or so for a "male liposuction" procedure. A little work on the lower part of my body would compliment the face lift. So, I am looking forward to returning to Guadalajara and seeing you again. I wanted to also mention that I have never been to a city as beautiful as Guadalajara. From the Mariachis singing on street corners to the horse-drawn carriages in the many parks, the city is just gorgeous. Once again, I will stay at the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn. It is a beautiful place and the nurses and staff took great care of me. They are absolutely wonderful. I will write soon with my travel itinerary.
See you soon..

Judy F, New York, NY

Judy F, New York, NY

Como estas, Dr. Medina? Greetings from here in cold Canada,

This is Judy, and I miss not only the warmth of Guadalajara but also of you and your wonderful staff. You all took such great care of me, I consider you all a part of my extended family. I"m writing to say that you did a super great lower body lift on me and I feel great. It is so nice to look in the mirror and see a skinny girl looking back at me. Thank you so much with all my heart for giving me my new look. I feel like my self-esteem has returned and it is all because of your expertise in doing these types of surgeries. You have given me a new confidence about life and I feel so much better in my personal relationships. The results could not be more perfect. I would like anyone considering plastic surgery to know that you are the best doctor in the world and they will be very happy with any surgery you do for them. They will also thoroughly enjoy their visit to beautiful Guadalajara. There are so many wonderful things to do there. I wanted you to know that I was taken wonderful care of the entire time I was there by your staff and also the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn. It was a wonderful place to recuperate. I have several friends who will be writing you soon for procedures they would like done. Please look for emails from Margarent L. and Peter J. They will be writing soon. Hasta luego, doctor.